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The ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) is a technique based on the specific interaction Antibody/Antigen allowing to:

  • monitor the immune response of animals protocols,
  • dose a molecule of interest in samples of varied nature: quantitative test,
  • detect a molecule in samples of varied nature: quality test.

1D electrophoresis

The 1D gel electrophoresis are made on polyacrylamide gel. To view the results and according to the desired sensitivity threshold, gels can be stained with:

  • Coomassie blue colloidal:

            - sensitivity 4 to 8 ng protein

            - compatible with quantifications of studies and mass spectrometry

  • Silver nitrate:

            - sensibility 0.5 to 1 ng protein

            - compatible with the mass spectrometry or by any other method depending on the need.

Western Blot

Western blot (immunoblot also semi-dried) is a technique for the transfer on nitrocellulose of separated proteins by electrophoresis. It allows to detect and to identify specific proteins in a biological sample or to test antibodies led against these proteins.

Characterisation of affinity constant of antibody: Biacore®

Biacore® enables the measurement real time in a dynamic system and without any coupling all interactions between biological molecules.      

Agro-Bio makes the study of the interactions and identifies the molecules fixed. This binding is characterized by a constant of affinity. The determined association profiles allow to measure the relative affinities between analytes and a ligand.