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Monoclonal antibodies development and production

Immuzation protocol: development of hybridoma

Agro-Bio offers a development program that combines skills and know-how in hybridoma development. Before project begginning, a discussion with Agro-Bio's cell culture department is required to identify customer's needs and constraints and thereby to define faithfully theirs specifications.


Note: Plan available with rat

Protocol for in vitro production

Agro-Bio has developed a production protocol of culture supernatant with antibody concentration optimized. In addition to ethical and regulatory aspect working against the traditional production in ascites, there are real technical advantages in switching to the in vitro production. 

CELLine 1000 

The CELLine™ 1000 is an ideal bioreactor for cell culture of monoclonal antibodies. It enables a culture of cells continued. The bioreactor is designed to facilitate removal and replacement of environments without disrupting cell growth.


The FiberCell™ is a hollow fiber system for in vitro production on a larger scale of 100 mg to 500 mg monoclonal antibody per month.


CELLine 1000    


Recovery volume of supernatant    

60 mL / month / CELLine 1000

180 mL / month / cartridge

Production of monoclonal antibodies per month (average)

10 to 100 mg 

100 to 500 mg 


Recommended for production < 200 mg

Recommended for production > 200 mg