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Quality policy

Strategy quality management

Customer satisfaction is placed at the heart of Agro-Bio’s preoccupations. Every Agro-Bio’s collaborator chose to commit towards a quality approach. Their goal are to make quality as one of the founder principle within company culture. Every process in Agro-Bio is led by quality and its values. 

The 3 highest values carried by Agro-Bio are:

  • Innovation, Agro-Bio innovates on a new range of products and intend to stand out,
  • Quality, Agro-Bio puts at the service of its customers its know-how to insure the quality of products,
  • Agility, Agro-Bio combines reactivity, rigor and flexibility within its organization to quickly get used to requests of its customers and partners.

Quality management

For several years Agro-Bio followed the standard ISO 9001. In 2011, Agro-Bio reached the certification to be able to undertake with its customers and insure them a traceability.

In 2016, Agro-Bio expands its activities and has committed ISO certification 13485 to be able to widen its product range.

Agro-Bio makes evolve over time its quality management system based on various values:

  • The Knowledge of the science and the biotechnologies, 
  • The Answer adapted to the needs of its customers and of the markets,
  • The Performance supported by an entrepreneurial spirit and by team spirit,
  • The Customer Satisfaction which, beyond products, lives in the excellence of the service,
  • The Evolution in tune with the legal, statutory and normative context,
  • The Well-being and the Ethics regarding its partners and its collaborators,
  • The Environment, which takes an important part within the company in particular at the level of the sorting, of the valuation of our waste, the "eco-responsibility" and “the eco-friendly gesture", the prevention of the pollutions and any other environmental stake,
  • The Continuous Improvement which is the heart of Agro-Bio’s Quality policy.


According to the French and European regulations, and to produce polyclonaux and monoclonal antibodies necessary for research projects and for industrial needs, Agro-Bio is approved by the Prefecture of Loir-et-Cher (41) in conformance with the article n°1 of the application of the order of February 1st, 2013 fixing the conditions of enjoyment and functioning of establishments users, breeders or suppliers of animals used to fine scientists, under the number E 41-285-4.

The Agro-Bio Ethics Committee confirms the protocols of production of animal biological raw materials. Agro-bio is recorded under number 99 on February 1st, 2013.

To produce the biological raw materials, Agro-Bio is: 

  • approved by the Prefecture of Loir-et-Cher, as Establishment for the manipulation and the storing of materials of category 3, 
  • approved by the Prefecture of Loiret, as intermediate Establishment of the sector by-products, 
  • authorized by the Prefecture of Loiret, in conformance with the Installations Classified for the Environmental protection.