In vitro monoclonal antibody production

Agro-Bio’s cell culture platform is equipped with various batch or dialysis bioreactor production systems. This enables us to supply the in vitro diagnostics and biotech industries with monoclonal antibodies in quantities ranging from a few milligrams to tend of grams.

Whether you outsource clone development to us or you provide the clones, our team will guide you towards the best production strategy (culture conditions: system, medium, etc.). We will also ensure the optimum balance between quantity, timeframe and cost.

Our production facilities enable us to provide long-term support as your needs grow, while also ensuring inter-lot reproducibility due to our proficiency in scale-up from one system to another.

You can also plan for your future needs by reserving lots and arranging staggered deliveries.

Each lot of monoclonal antibody is delivered with a detailed certificate of analysis to ensure traceability.

Our quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified for all our services, and we regularly invite our customers for audits.

We offer a cell banking service for your cell-lines, enabling us to react rapidly to your production needs and to minimize the risks and costs of shipping cryotubes.



  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Inter-lot reproducibility
  • Lot reservation
  • French research tax credit (CIR)