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Anti-idiotypic antibodies

Agro-Bio has been offering tailored protocols for anti-idiotype antibody development for over a decade. 

We recommend polyclonal or monoclonal development (hybridoma technology) protocols, depending on the format of the therapeutic antibody and its intended application (immunogenicity testing, pharmacokinetic (PK) studies, neutralizing antibodies (NAb), etc.).

High-performance anti-idiotype antibodies

Why choose Agro-Bio:

  • Adherence to regulatory agency guidance
  • Protocols tailored to your applications
  • Time-tested protocols
  • High-affinity antibody selection technique
  • Reagent characterization
  • Secure storage and stability management of critical reagents
  • Antibodies are developed on a fee-for-service basis (no royalties, no licences)

We can also determine the affinity of the antibodies produced and the type of idiotype encountered on our Biacore™ system.

Rabbit polyclonal antibody

Mouse monoclonal antibody

Protocol duration

+++ (~ 3 months)

+ (~ 5 à 6 months)

Technical execution






Assay reproducibility



Antibody sustainability





  • Audit & confidentiality agreement
  • Traceability
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory authority requirements
  • Quality control