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Located at the heart of the Sologne region, near Orleans in France, Agro-Bio is one of the R&D subsidiaries of the Group Stago. 

Pioneer in antibodies' field, Agro-Bio provides you its expertise and its know-how for production, development and characterization of antibodies. For over 40 years, our team supports biopharmaceutical and in vitro diagnostic industries as well as public institutions for their immunology issues. 

Agro-Bio's mission is to support every customer and to supply them the best possible conditions for the success and the achievement of their projets, in the respect for its values. 

Our services around antibody:

  •  Bioanalysis/Biopharma:
    • Anti-idiotypic antibodies for positive control, PK/PD and potency test,
    • Host Cell Protein issue management: specific anti-HCP antibodies, 2D Western Blot coverage analysis, specific ELISA kit, 
    • Epitope mapping,
    • In vitro production.
  • In vitro diagnostic:
    • Buld antibody production
    • Specific polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development,
    • Characterization of antibodies: Biacore T200...

Our key strengths to ensure quality work:

  • Over 40 years' experience in antibody area,
  • Responsive, multi-skilled and comprehensive team,
  • Certifications ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016,
  • Research Taxe Credit (CIR) approval,
  • Preserved intellectual propriety and confidentiality,
  • Transparency for monitoring and management of your project,
  • Royalty-free services.