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Epitope mapping

Epitope mapping is a method for identifying antibody-binding sites on an antigen.

This benefit combines:

  • proteolytic digestion steps, 
  • an isolation step of the epitope peptides by affinity chromatography,
  • the final analysis of the epitope fragments by mass spectrometry.

Two approches:

  • The Antigen/Antibody complex is formed in the affinity chromatography and the digestion of the complex is performed in the affinity column,
  • The digestion of the antigen is performed before the formation of Antigen/Antibody in the affinity column.

The search for this sequence of interest, proposed by Agro-Bio, is based on the protection of the epitope against enzymatic digestion by the formation of Antigen/Antibody complex.

After affinity chromatography and digestion, the fragments of the epitope are eluted and then sequenced by mass spectrometry (MALDI TOF-TOF).